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" broadcast heritage and more..."  
BBC News
Roger Beckwith's stunningly good Broadcast heritage site
Wikipedia on Broadcasting
A bit of history
Freeview etc.
SMs Quiz questions
SMs Quiz answers
Salford 2009
Tim's art collection.mp3
Portable DAT Machine for sale
Anthony Burgess's friends

London Weather

Jet Stream

North Atlantic Synoptic

Straits of Gibraltar

Sailing in Gibraltar

Gib Forecast

Ilkley Moor

NBC News 9th Nov 1989 .flv

Mission Statement  *

Defacto lingo est in ebay speculatum.  Olympian eforts et bollox sic ad nauseum.   Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic orbital.     Non carborundum e pluribus unum.   Status Quo rockin allover incongruus quasimodo nolo contendere.  

Gratuitus octopus,  monosodium glutamate.  Quote meon an estimate et non interruptus kippus.   Sic tempus fugit esperanto hiccup oestrogen.   Glorius nunc est bibendum ex libris hip hop ad infinitum.  Non sequitur condominium facile et geranium incognito.            

     Ava Niess Dei.

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Vivian Stanshall                   
Vivian Stanshall -  Appreciation Society and Archive
Vivian Stanshall -  enthusiasts group
Vivian Stanshall -  scripts
Vivian Stanshall Rawlinson End - the book
Vivian Stanshall at HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy

John Peel and Old US Radio
John Peel in 1967
KLIF 1962
WIBG 1956
WIBG ident

               The formidable MiniDisc Thesis pages

Ken Campbell
     Furtive Nudist 1
     Furtive Nudist 2
     Furtive Nudist 3
     Furtive Nudist 4
     Furtive Nudist 5
     Furtive Nudist 6
     Ken Campbell NUBS
Old Recordings
    Jollity Farm  LESLIE SARONY
    Misery Farm  LESLIE SARONY
    George Formby announcement

    George Formby show

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